hyperDENT Software

hyperDENT® Practicelab

hyperDENT® Practicelab

hyperDENT® Practicelab is geared to the needs of practice labs and is optimally suited for CAM newcomers. The managed workflow and minimized range of functions enable the user to calculate tool paths for individual blanks, such as glass ceramic blocks and preform abutments, in just a few steps and send them to the machine for milling.

The ideal blank is recognized already during the automatic loading process and suggested to the user. The positioning of the blank and setting of the connector are also automated. For machines with multiple slots, multiple blanks can be loaded and calculated within a project, saving the user valuable time. Predefined milling strategies ensure high process stability and efficiency.

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  • Optimally Suited for CAM Newcomers
  • Highly Automated User Interface
  • Significantly Facilitates Handling