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hyperDENT® Classic

hyperDENT® Classic

This open CAM solution is No. 1 amongst milling centers where flexible and optimized manufacturing processes are crucial. However, dental labs can also benefit from the advantages of hyperDENT® Classic. Once the user becomes familiar with the software, all possibilities are open utilizing the various hyperDENT® Options (modules). With the Template Generator, the user can develop individual milling strategies. These tailor-made solutions meet challenging market requirements precisely, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. With the provided interfaces to machine automations, more efficient machining is achieved and blanks can be processed with ease. In addition, the Implant Module enables machining of one-piece abutments and bridge constructions. hyperDENT® Classic’s professional functionality delivers high performance to demanding users.

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  • Simultaneous Processing
  • Calculation of Multiple Projects
  • Highly Intuitive
  • Variety of Complementary Options