Ceramill® Map200+

Ceramill® Map200+

Ceramill® Map 200+ is a fully automatic 2-axis stripe light scanner with uncomplicated handling, yet high precision, making it ideal as an entry into CAD/CAM technology as well as for users wishing to generate precise scanning data cost-efficiently. Equipped with newly developed "DNA Speed Scanning" strategies and high-resolution 3D sensors, it equals its "big brother," the Ceramill® Map 400+, in terms of precision and speed. Together with the automated user guidance system, the Ceramill® Map 200+ offers convenience and accuracy on a compact footprint of 390x360x310mm. The Ceramill® Map 200+ provides an open interface so that scans (STL files) can also be loaded into other CAD programs.

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  • Maximum precision at a minimum footprint
  • "DNA Speed Scanning" reduces scanning times by up to 50 %
  • Open interface and automatic user guide
  • Versatile use (e.g., Impression Scan Triple Tray, Models, Multi-Die, Color Texture Scans)
  • Universal-carrier plate allows flexible scanning of numerous different model systems


  • Axes: 2
  • Dimensions D/W/H: 390 x 360 x 310 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Electrical connected value: 100-240V / 50/60Hz
  • Power Output: 60 W
  • Accuracy: 6 μm
  • Accuracy (μm) implant bars: 10
  • Full arch scan (sec.): 18
  • Single die with Ceramill Multi Cap (sec.): 4,5