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Nexa3D NXD 200

Nexa3D NXD 200

Nexa3D’s xCure consistently and rapidly unlocks the full potential of your 3D prints regardless of size or complexity. xCure optimizes the curing of all resin-based parts to ensure consistent dimensional accuracy, robust structural integrity, and stronger molecular structures. It accommodates parts as large as 16 liters in volume. The chamber can hold up to three build plates at once and allows parts to cure directly on the build plate or be placed in a basket and cured individually. xCure’s Perfect Part Optimization process consists of dual wavelength LEDs, multi-build plates, and parallel UV and thermal processing. xCure’s validated end to end workflows drive the perfect balance of temperature, UV wavelength, and material-specific sequences to deliver the perfect cure. These optimal and effective curing cycles guarantee consistent mechanical properties and predictable part performance. The net result is, less post-processing time, faster time to market, better part performance, increased 3D printing productivity and of course – the perfect part.

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  • Single click – rotate and push operation
  • Validated resin presets for consistent part curing results
  • 30-60C heating capacity with 1C increments
  • 6 dual wavelength 365 + 405 nm LEDs
  • Total input power of 360W ensures quick and efficient cycles
  • External Dimensions (WDH) - 21”x20”x32” | 53.34x50.80x 81.28cm
  • Internal Dimensions (WDH) - 15.50”x 10.75”x25.75” | 39.37x 27.30x65.40cm
  • Weight - 110lbs (empty) | 49.89 kg (empty)
  • US 100-120 VAC 60 HZ
  • EU 200-240 VAC 50 HZ


  • Disruptive, modular and scalable Light Engine technology
  • Edge-to-edge uniformity and accuracy
  • High power and light transmission
  • Real-time monitoring, optimizing and diagnostics
  • Print at a speed of up to a model a minute
  • Spacious Build Platform 275 x 155 x200mm
  • 405 nm and 4K Resolution