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NextDent 5100

NextDent 5100

The high-speed 3D printer NextDent 5100 for Ceramill® with the groundbreaking Figure 4™ technology stands for high productivity at a first-class speed at a price that is affordable for practically all dental laboratories.

In addition to perfect restoration results, the 3D printer scores with enormous time savings due to the revolutionary Figure 4™ technology and the oxygen-permeable membrane in the material tray. The low pull-off forces between the membrane and the construction platform ensure a distortion-free printing process and excellent results. A gentle separation process enables the use of filigree support structures, which can not only be separated easily and without tools in the post-processing process, but also in a time-saving manner.

And last but not least, the NextDent 5100 for Ceramill® convinces with its simple single-hand handling. The integrated color display can also be operated with gloves, and both the construction platform and the material tray are easily accessible and user-friendly during application.

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  • Up to 3x faster printing due to Figure 4™ technology for high productivity and flexibility
  • Low pull-off forces due to an oxygen-permeable membrane ensure a long service life of the material tray, easy separation of the support structures and distortion-free results
  • Easy handling due to touch screen and single-hand operation of accessories such as the construction platform and material tray


  • Construction platform (DxWxH) 12.4 x 7.0 x 19.6 cm
  • Resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Layer thickness 30 - 100 μm
  • Printing time up to 12.1 cm/h depending on layer thickness
  • Dimensions (DxWxH) 42.6 x 48.9 x 97.1 cm
  • Dimensions with pedestal (DxWxH) 68.1 x 70.4 x 135.6 cm
  • Weight 34.5 kg
  • Weight with pedestal 54.4 kg