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Form 3L Package

Form 3L Package

The Form 3L from Formlabs is an affordable large-format 3D printer trusted by professionals for fast turnaround of industrial-quality parts. It offers five times the build volume and two times the laser power of Form 3, which means it is capable of printing large sections at high speed. It is backed by the advanced Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ technology. Through a complete re-engineering of resin-based 3D printing, the Form 3L can drastically reduce the forces of the print process.

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  • Groundbreaking Print Quality
  • High Printer Reliability
  • Utilizes Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™
  • Two staggered Light Processing Units (LPUs)


  • Technology: Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™
  • XY Resolution: 25 microns
  • Laser Spot Size: 85 microns
  • Laser Power: Two 250 mW lasers
  • Build Volume: 33.5 × 20 × 30 cm - 13.2 × 7.9 × 11.8 in
  • Layer Thickness: 25 – 300 microns .001 – .012 in