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NextDent LC-3DPrint Box

NextDent LC-3DPrint Box

The LC-3DPrint Box is a revolutionary UV light box, suitable for post-curing 3D printing materials. The new LC-3DPrint Box is equipped with 12 UV light bulbs strategically placed inside the box. This ensures that a product is illuminated from all sides, which results in a quick and uniform curing cycle. The spacious interior (ø 26 cm, H 19,5 cm) allows you to cure multiple products at once quickly. Also, the box has enough space to place an articulator inside. If necessary, the UV light bulbs can be changed easily. The new LC-3DPrint Box allows you to post-cure NextDent 3D materials. Post-curing is required to obtain the final material properties. After the printing process, the printed material is not yet fully cured and should be treated. First, the material needs to be cleaned in an alcohol bath, followed by the post-curing cycle. Post-curing is a UV light treatment to ensure that NextDent materials obtain full polymer conversion, through this the residual monomer is reduced to a minimum, and the highest mechanical properties are obtained. This procedure is a necessary step to produce a biocompatible end-product. Always follow the instructions for use relevant to the corresponding material.

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  • Related Voltage: 110V/230V, 50/60Hz, 2,6A/1,3A
  • Power Consumption: 10W
  • Fuse: T2.0A, AC250V
  • Dimension: W41X:44XH 38cm
  • Weight: 22 Kg