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Aidite AMD-500

Aidite AMD-500

Aidite AMD-500 dental milling machine is a dry-milling with five-axis, mainly used for CAD / CAM processing of dental materials such as zirconia and PMMA. AMD-500 has stable performance and large processing angle, enable to do 90 degrees vertical processing of the buccal surface of the restoration. At the same time, AMD-500 is equipped with ½ open fixture with ½ open fixture with plastic secondary fixture, effectively improving the material layout utilization.

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Product Advantages

  • Open CAM System – Open CAM system integrated to AMD-500 Multi machine controlled with single CAM.
  • Spindle – High speed spindle 60000rm with air cooling. Ability to use milling cutter from 0.2mm to 4mm diameter.
  • New-type Fixture – Quipped with ½ open fixture and plastic secondary, effectively improving the material layout utilization.
  • Machine Structure – Integral casting structure. High precision ball screw and linear guide rails. High Precision harmonic reducer.